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Trailer towing driving lessons

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All drivers who passed a car driving test before 1 January 1997 are already entitled to drive a vehicle and trailer combination of up to 8.25 tonnes. If you passed after this date, you can legally drive a combination of up to 4.25 tonnes but only if the maximum authorised weight (laden weight) of the trailer is up to 750kgs. If the trailer weighs more than 750kgs when laden, the combined weight must not exceed 3.5 tonnes and the trailer's MAM must be less than the unladen weight of the vehicle.

To drive heavier combinations, you must pass a further B+E test where you will be assessed on your ability to drive with, reverse, hitch and unhitch a trailer.

B+E test or general trailer towing driving lessons in High Wycombe

Unfortunatley we are unable to offer trailer lessons at present.