Top tips for finding a good driving instructor

A good driving instructorAsk your friends if they know of any good driving instructors. Good instructors gain most of their work through recommendation. (Find out what our customers think of us on our Testimonials page).

Check the instructor is fully qualified and not a trainee instructor.There are lots of trainees out there! Trainees display a pink badge in their windscreen instead of a green one, as they have only passed the first two of three qualifying exams. (All our instructors are fully qualified)

Choose an instructor with at least two years' experience. Experienced driving instructors generally identify and correct driving faults more quickly than new instructors. (Our instructors have been qualified for an average of 12 years and have an average 28 years of driving experience)

Don't just go for the cheapest instructor. Cheap instructors are rarely any good! You will probably spend more in the long run because it will take you longer to learn with a bad instructor. (Our instructors usually take beginners through to passing the driving test with TEN fewer hours of driving lessons than average - that's a saving of at least £280!)

Be suspicious of pass rate claims. Pass rates cannot be proved as they are not published anywhere. Even if an instructor is honest about his pass rate, it could be misleading. Some bad instructors have good pass rates because they ditch or lose pupils who are difficult to teach. (All our instructors have good pass rates and retention rates - you'll have to take our word for that!)

Ideally choose a driving instructor with a high grade. The DVSA grades all instructors either A or B. Those with an A grade are deemed to be of a high standard. (Most of our instructors are grade A)

If you are thinking of having lessons with a multi-car school, check that you will always have the same instructor and car for all your lessons. It is unsettling to chop and change. (With us you will have the same instructor and car for all your lessons. However, near the time of your test you may wish to have a realistic mock test with a different WDS instructor. We can arrange this at no extra charge)

Other questions you might ask are: What type of cars do you use? (Manual cars: Ford Fiestas, a Citroen C3 and a Vauxhall Corsa. Automatic cars: a Honda Jazz) Are the cars dual controlled? (Yes) Do you provide resources to help with me with the theory test? (Yes, bang up to date online software, for free) How long are the lessons? (1hr, 1.5hrs or 2hrs) Will I be charged if I cancel a lesson? (No, as long as you give us a least 24hrs notice) Can I be picked up and dropped off in different places? (Yes, anywhere within our area) Are there discounts for block bookings? (Yes, see our prices page)

Number one tip:

Only book a single lesson to start with to make sure you get on with your instructor. We offer a discounted first lesson because we are so confident that you will want to come back for more.