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About Us: Frequently Asked Questions

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How good are your driving instructors?

We have highly graded and experienced instructors with excellent pass rates. Our records show that over the past two years they have taken beginners through to passing the driving test with TEN fewer hours of driving lessons than an average instructor - which equates to a saving of about £280! On average, they each have 13 years of experience as a driving instructor and 28 years of experience behind the wheel. They were all head-hunted for their commitment to safe driving.

What availability do you have?
We have nine instructors so we are usually able to fit new pupils in straight away. Our working hours are 8am-8pm seven days a week. We do not charge extra for weekend or evening lessons.

How much do you charge and what discounts do you offer?
We are very competitive, especially as you will need fewer lessons with us due to the quality of instruction. Our lesson prices and offers are listed here.

Why else should I choose your driving school?
* We will help you pass your theory test by providing FREE access to up-to-the-minute online software which includes all the questions in the current DVSA bank, hazard perception tests, the Highway Code and full mock tests. Practice on your computer at home, at school or on your smart phone.
* We give away FREE handouts at the end of lessons so you can revise in your own time.
* If you are practising privately, we can help you get cheap car insurance while you are a provisional licence holder - potentially saving you hundreds of pounds. Also your supervisor is entitled to a FREE hour-long lesson with an instructor.
* You can get FREE money-back vouchers, competition prizes and entertaining content by following us on Facebook and Twitter
* We also run a FREE Ask a Driving Instructor help service for pupils and supervisors alike. E-mail a driving-related question to us and we will provide a full written answer.
* Your instructor can arrange for you to have a mock test with a different Wycombe Driving School instructor at the normal lesson fee so you can experience a realistic test-run.
* We provide a FREE test booking service, on request.
* We operate a door-to-door service in Wycombe. You could start your lesson from school or work and finish at home - saving on taxi fares!

What cars do you have?
All our cars are dual controlled and small with good visibility to make manoeuvring as easy as possible. We have mainly Ford Fiestas, plus a Vauxhall Corsa and a Citroen C3. Our automatic car is a Hyundai i20.

How long will it take me to learn to drive?
According to the DVSA, nationally those who pass their driving test have had, on average, about 47 hours of driving lessons plus 20 hours of private practice. Our pupils generally require far fewer than that - a complete beginner with no private practice ususally takes 30-40 hours with us to reach test standard.

How long are the lessons?
You can have lessons of one hour, 1.5hrs or 2hrs in length. We do not insist on two hour lessons (unless you live on the outskirts of our area).

Will my instructor shout at me?
Absolutely not! We guarantee our instructors will behave in a polite and professional manner. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys at regular intervals to ensure standards are met. They will teach at your pace and try to make lessons fun. Check out our testimonials page for more feedback. All our instructors are CRB-checked with squeaky clean records.

Where will you pick me up from?
We operate a door-to-door service in Wycombe. You could start your lesson from school or work and finish at home - saving on taxi fares!

How do I pay?
You can pay the instructor at your driving lesson by cash or cheque. If you would prefer to pay by card, you can do this by phoning the office on 01494 718888 or you can pay online here.

How do I book my first lesson?
You can book online now or call the office on 01494 718888 between 8am and 8pm daily.